Reading is a great way to boost your vocabulary and your awareness of grammar, but if you're not reading something that is interesting for you, then it can be very difficult. Below you can find articles written in English about football with key words highlighted and explained. There are also pre and post questions for you to either ask your chhild



Hey teacher or parent. You can use these readings with your children/students. They all come with pre-questions and post-questions for you to talk about along with some key vocabulary to understand the text

There penalties!! - how one man missed 3 penalties in 1 game!

Playing in PINK! - how did Palermo become a football team who wore pink?

From hero to zero - meet Gary O'connor. A player who went abroad too early

If you decide to print or use these articles, please give credit. 


Age is just a number - A 53 year old professional footballer still playing in Japan

Small country BIG club - read about Dinamo Tbilisi the team from Georgia