Pink? Football?


The colour of the team’s kit your support is probably red, blue, white, or a mixture of colours in stripes, but there are some clubs that play in colours that aren’t so common like Plymouth Argyle they play in green and a team in the same county as them Torquay Utd play in yellow, but there is one team’s colour that is even more unusual than green and yellow, and that is pink.


Down in the south of Italy, and in Sicily, you will find Palermo, a city with over 600,000 people and a football team who have been in and out of Serie A over many many years after making their way all the way from the very bottom of Italian football or Calcio as they call it there. Pink is such an unusual colour for a football shirt that it is hard to forget once you see a team play in it.


Palermo have't always been playing in pink, when they were founded they played in red and blue, like most teams, but in 1907 one of the founders of the club Giuseppe Airoldi decided that the colours would be changed. Pink was chosen to represent the sweet and the black, which are for the shorts and socks, would be to represent sadness, which is fair to say just like the ups and downs of the history of the football club.


Before the colour was officially changed and the new shirts were made, pink flannel had to be imported from England because it couldn’t be found in Italy. Palermo started their new life in pink, but there was another change to the colours in 1936 when the government forced Palermo to change their colours for red and yellow as they thought all teams should wear the colours of their municipalities. 5 years later Palermo went back to pink and have forever been pink since.


Many top players have donned the pink and black of Palermo including Paulo Dybala, Edinson Cavani, and Andrea Barzagli who was a Palermo player at the time of winning the 2006 World Cup in Germany.




The Reading

a) do you think teams should only play in the same colours as their municipalities? 


b) do you think pink is a good colour for a football team? Why, why not?


c) If you had to change your team's colours, what colours would you change them to and why?


Read the text and then prepare to retell it in your own words 


a)What was your first football shirt?


b) Are there any football shirts you like or dislike?


c)What colours do your favourite team play in, have they ever played in any other colours?


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Kit - the shirt, shorts, and socks of your team. 

Support - your favourite team 

Stripes - lines of colours that go down or across

County - an area of a country 

In and out - not consistent

Ups and downs - good times and bad times

To don (something) - to wear something 

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