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1) Last month we _____ Chelsea (beat)


2) Ac Milan _______ lose to Inter they ______. It was 1-1 (did,draw)


3) We ______ the league 5 years ago (win)


4) In 2003 Cristano Ronaldo ______ for Manchester United (sign)


5) ____ you watch the match last night? (did)


6) Where did you _____ the match? (watch)

Past Simple 


There are two types of verbs. REGULAR and these end in ED, for example, passed. He passed the ball to Messi. We signed a new defender yesterday. And we have IRREGULAR and these don't end in ED, they look different, like the verb TAKE. The past is TOOK. Example: Ronaldo TOOK the penalty and scored


When do you we use it?

We use it when the time is known and finished. Zlatan played for in Inter in 2007 – we know the year Yesterday Arsenal BEAT Man City – yesterday has finished He missed two penalties in the game – we know the game time is over


How do you make a negative?

To make a negative in the past simple, you need to use DID NOT and in spoken English we often say didn't He didn't score yesterday He did not take the penalty


NOTE: When we use the verb DO all over verbs in the sentence or question have to be in the present, like in the above sentence


How do you make a question?

We use the verb DID, WAS, and WERE to make questions with the past simple Did you go to the match last night? How did you get to the stadium? When did you last win the league? Was David at the match? Were you happy with his performance


Special words We have some special words that when we use them we have to use the past simple. We played Arsenal two days ago Last year we signed him In <yeah> Liverpool were a good team I missed the match yesterday